Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Little things of gratitude

My laughter practice - it's nuts! 

I woke up with lyrics in my head this morning. Had that sense of ohhh I must remember this is important. But I couldn't quite remember the words. 

im calling you
follow me
follow me

So I thought I'd see if it belonged to any song that's been made. Couldn't find a direct link.

But I found this instead. 

So cute. Impossible not to smile when you hear it right? And I like the text, cute!

I am practice noticing the small moments that make me smile large.

Music - healing, beautiful music. What would the world be like without it?

Smiling on my side. Falling in love with my smile. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Be Happy, Be Messy


I've been thinking about the value of turning up work-in-progress. I do this a great deal, at least on Facebook, but I'm still holding back here. (There's some irony here, I've had problems with the font size and the font colour and all kinds of things, so have been fiddling with it after posting! Ahh! Contradictions!) 

The truth is I have such a strong desire to be easy-to-understand, to be clear, comprehensible and of service to other people - it actually gets in the way of some of my other most loved qualities FREEDOM SPONTANEITY TRUST FUN.

in reality I am often so far INside an experience that words have not yet arrived, theory cannot be applied, meaning cannot be assigned. 

So I'm going to experiment with showing up and being even more random here if I can. 

I'm going to do my best to trust there is value in that. 

Even if the value is for myself - like, therapeutic, to have a voice, to revive this sense that I can be whoever I want and am - in this space.

Feels like I am increasingly hemmed in by other people's desire to repress, to hide who I am in the work place. Like who I am is somehow inherently wrong.  

What's the value of play then? Or of freedom? Of being fully ourselves? 
What's the value of being carefree and joyous, spontaneous and silly - instead of meaningful in a way that is congruent and easy to grasp with the mind? 

What's the value of feeling understood - and also - misunderstood? There's always a hidden benefit behind the experiences we dislike the most of course!

We don't need to be hugely intellectual to tap into these qualities of play. We just need to be open enough & prepared for others to formulate a point of view which may, or may not, match our own perspective & experience of life. 

Same life lesson, different context. The truth being that we're all allowed to be who we be. We're also totally allowed to like or dislike somebody else's life choices of course. Thats' the deal. 

If you haven't seen my Laughter Festival yet featured on my Facebook wall- where I laugh every day for a sustained period of time & take photo's of myself whilst doing so...well do come and check me out! 
And join in, post your photo's on my wall! I'd love that, I really, really would!  


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Talking Heart

Love is for everybody - not just the good people of this world.
Which doesn't mean your role is to rescue the wounded,
the abused, or abusers.

Image from http://bit.ly/1eUipXv
Love is for YOU too.

Love is for you first and foremost.

What you give to others, be sure to give to yourself.

What you desire from others, be sure to give to yourself now.